Download Latest Smart Phone Flash Tool for Linux

Download Latest Smart Phone Flash Tool for Windows, which helps you to install CWM recovery, or TWRP recovery, or custom ROM firmware, or stock ROM firmware on your smartphone or tablet. This is one of the most used tools in the Android rooting community.

The Smart Phone Flash Tool was created by MediaTek Inc. So, all credits go to them. Since the tool is available for free, we are merely sharing it here.

Features of Smart Phones Flash Tool:

Using SP Flash, you can flash system or custom recovery (CWM or TWRP recovery) in your MTK based smartphone and tablet. The procedure involved in flashing recovery is quite simple as well.
If you are using an MTK based android device, you can use the SP Flash Tool to install custom or Stock ROM firmware. If you flash stock ROM firmware on a bricked Android device, you can get it back working as well.

SP Flash tool lets you check the Random Access Memory (RAM) in your device. It also helps in verifying the NAND flash in your Android smartphone or tablet.
Using a smartphone flash tool, you can easily flash stock ROM, custom ROM or recovery images. Just open up the tool in your Windows-based computer, load the scatter file and then click on Download to start the flashing process.

The above-mentioned features explain why SP Flash Tool is popular among Android device users.

Download Latest Smart Phone Flash Tool for Linux:

Download Smart Phone Flash Tool V5.1716 – Latest Version
Download Smart Phone Flash Tool V5.1712
Download Smart Phone Flash Tool V5.1708

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Important Features:

  • SP Flash Tool or Smart Phone Flash Tool is a tool created by MediaTek Inc. So, full credits go to them.
  • Before using SP Flash Tool for flashing stock ROM or custom ROM, make sure that you have taken a complete backup of personal data in your smartphone as flashing via SP flash tools will wipe your smartphone data.
  • If you use a smartphone flash tool to install custom ROM firmware or root your device, then your device warranty will get void. So, beware of it before using this tool.