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Download Odin Flashing Tool For Samsung Mobile Devices

The following post shows you everything you need to download Odin and install it on your computer. Not only does it show you how to install the Odin flashing tool, but it will teach you how to use the firmware flashing software.

Download Odin Flashing Tool For Samsung Mobile Devices

Odin is the tool to use when you want to flash an official firmware file manually to update your Samsung smartphone or tablet. In addition to updating the software on your mobile device, the Odin flashing tool is great for rooting using some dedicated rooting tools like Chainfire’s CF-Auto-Root. Likewise, it’s great for people who want to unroot or unbrick a Samsung device. Although, the unbricking and unrooting of a device is done the same way as flashing the official firmware file would be.

There have been many versions of the Odin flashing tool released since it came out. It doesn’t matter a great deal which version of Odin you choose to download and install to work with your device; they all should work so long as you have a Samsung smartphone or tablet. It’s said that the later releases of Odin are made for the later software versions. For example, if your device is running Android KitKat or Lollipop, the Odin 3.07 and 3.09 are the ones best suited for you, since they were released around the same time. However, you can still use the original Odin 1.85 for your device running Android Lollipop if you prefer.

Since there are newer versions of the Odin flashing tool available, you might as well use one of the latest versions if you own a new device or are running some of the later software versions. The reason being is that each later release of Odin also came with some minor fixes and improvements.

The Files To Download Latest Odin for Windows

Download the Odin version you want to install on your PC:

Software Name Samsung Odin Tool
Latest Version Odin v3.14.4
Supported Formats *.bin, *.tar & *tar.md5.
Supported OS Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Before Android KitKat
Odin v3.06 Download Link
Odin v3.07 Download Link
Android KitKat and Jelly Bean
Odin v3.09 Download Link
Odin v3.10.0 Download Link
Odin v3.10.5 Download Link
Odin v3.10.6 Download Link
Odin v3.10.7 Download Link
Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Odin v3.11.1 Download Link
Odin v3.11.2 Download Link
Odin v3.12.3 Download Link
Odin v3.12.4 Download Link
Odin v3.12.5 Download Link
Odin v3.12.7 Download Link
Odin v3.12.10 Download Link
After Android 9.0 Pie
Odin v3.13.1 – Latest Download Link
Galaxy Note 10/S10/S20 Series Odin v3.13.3
Odin v3.13.3 Download Link
Android 10 Q 
Odin v3.14.1 Download Link
Odin v3.14.4 Download Link

Download Odin from any of the above links. If your device is a newer device, try using one of the newer versions of the Odin flashing tool. Once you have your fill, head back to the guide you were using for the specific instructions on what to do next. The guide below is only to be followed if you did not come here from any other guide and you need a rough explanation. It is not, however, an exact guide on how to use the Odin flashing tool for each device, so make sure you go back to the guide you came from and complete those steps.

A Guide To Using Odin (All versions)

  1. Download the Odin file you need.
  2. The download should end up just above your taskbar on the Windows PC.
  3. Click the small arrow you can see on the right side of that file after it finishes downloading.
  4. Choose the ‘show in folder’ option.
    – those who cannot see it can find the Odin file end up in the default ‘downloads’ folder on your drive.
  5. Drag the Odin file over to the desktop.
  6. Right-click the mouse over the Odin file.
  7. Select the ‘extract here’ option from the menu.
  8. The Odin software Odin flashing tool will now be unzipped on the desktop and ready for you to use.
  9. Double-click over that Odin file and run the program.
  10. Odin is now ready for your device. You can boot your Samsung device in download mode and connect it to the computer. Download Mode for most Samsung devices is Home + Power + Volume Down buttons at the same time. Now confirm to enter download mode by pressing the Volume Up button when it tells you to do so on the display.
  11. Connect the Samsung smartphone or tablet to the Windows PC with the USB cable.
  12. Click the AP/PDA button and upload the firmware update/rooting tool.
  13. Click the Start button.
  14. Wait until you see the ‘pass’ message from Odin and your device reboots.

Great; you just flashed your Samsung device with a software update, unbricked, unrooted, or rooted the device.

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